Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Sun is not rising ..

Sky is still dark, intricate. No wind of hope to let abate the clouds. Trees are still, birds are not chirping.
Where I have came to. I don't know. But things are gloomy.
It's been a long time, have been waiting for a sunshine. I'm seeing other half of the world taking sun bath. Still it tells me other half is with me .. waiting for sun rise and hoping for moon to give some light. But it's not giving it. The light is pale. May be these are no moon days .. but how many? There should be only a day in fortnight. But for me days are passing without light .. light of hope .. light of energy ..
I am fighting hard to come out .. to come over this situation .. but not a single sight of breeze which I can use to rejuvenate, to stand stern, to fly to sunshine. I don't know how I came to this place, something discerned me to this place, this condition. 
I look at mirror, I am not able to see a smile. May be due to tearful eyes or may be because I don't want to. Things are to abide with me .. 
Waiting for the day.. I will see myself in mirror in pride, with honor. Waiting for the day when I pass my day with joy, with smile and waiting for that day when I won't be mulling over this condition ..

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  1. How would you realise the importance of the sun, if there were no darkness. Strangely I knew you would post tonite!


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