Wednesday, 13 June 2012

What you would do ..

Have you ever faced a situation like this ...
There is an important match coming up on TV. You have done everything possible to come early from office to watch it. You come home, sit in front of TV and your mom/wife/father asks to change a channel to watch other program. What you would do?
You can fight over it and deny to change the channel. But what if other person gets upset. Would you be able to sit and watch with complete interest having in mind that your stubborn behavior making other people upset?

I don't know about many other people, but I can not. I will abdicate, change the channel and tell the other person to watch program. But in this case as well the thing will always be in my mind that I couldn't watch the match. Both the ways I am down!

This is very generic and this may happen with anybody. And to be honest this is a very simple case, not that complicated as I am telling here. But there are so many things similar to this happen in our lives. Speaking out makes other person unhappy and you can't see person unhappy.
There are two different conditions of this. If that other person is not too close to us then we tend to ignore his unhappiness and it's easy to ignore as we will not face him everyday so eventually as time passes we tend to forget about it to move on but when the person is too close to you, then it's very difficult to ignore his/her unhappiness. As we have to face him/her everyday.

It's very easy to come to solution in above scene by discussing and convincing other person that match is important to me and s/he can watch program during the breaks.
But in real life when decisions can't be taken by discussing the things, what you would do?
It's always difficult to manage people and their emotions.

Another scene:
Guy falls in love with a girl, girl refuses to be with him. He becomes sad and unless girl sees him being sad, things are little easy.
As day passes his sadness abates. And it becomes easy to move on for the guy and girl.
But what if girl meets him everyday.. she can see him going downcast. And this is unpropitious condition for both of them as it's difficult for him to forget about his feelings for girl.
There would be a guilt feeling in her mind for his sadness..
What you would do in such case?

Girl can't say 'yes' to that guy just to avoid this situation. And from her perspective as well it's very difficult to come to a solution. So if you ask me, I would suggest to be away for few days as far as possible. It's definitely not an easy thing to do but necessary to move on.We can't take these things out of mind but we can keep it away.

I have also seen few friends are still to gather, they meet everyday (and they seem to be happy) after going through this phase. I can't imagine how they could have managed thoughts from their mind.

There are so many examples like this in our day to day life. Some people handle it wisely, few people fight, few cry ..
There are people who gone through all this, probably they are strong enough to forget and forgive the sadness of abdication.
And according to me a little positiveness can help to handle these things in everyday life.
So be positive and believe in your splendor .. 


  1. Couldn't agree more..nice post!
    Inspiring one.

  2. Thanks Jenny and Kinara for your valuable comments.


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