Monday, 4 June 2012

A new start !!

A new gmail account, a new blog on one of the special days of my life. 
 Yes, on this occasion of my birthday I created this new account just for blogs. My earlier account had few fiction blogs which  I don't want to mess up with the posts I would be posting here. Yesterday I read one tweet "The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings" and decided to start afresh ... 

A Nostalgic Morning: 

Today morning I got calls from my relatives, my friends with warmth birthday wishes. And since then I was wondering how one complete year passed to last year's birthday celebration. 

I was in my bedroom watching episode of Prison Break on my laptop after finishing a wonderful masala rice prepared by me for dinner. I knew all my friends would come to my house so they can eat a yummy cake cut by me. So I checked my watch, it was 11:10 PM of 31st May. So I thought they would come by 11:45 PM to observe 12:00 AM muhurat. My roommates were behaving as if they don't know about by my birthday, they were ignorant and so was I. 
After exact 10 mins, not sure what happened I forgot about my birthday. May be due to the episode I was watching I was engrossed in watching it. And suddenly I heard sound of vuvuzela near my ear. All friends who were there in London were at my house. Jenny brought bought cake from my favorite cake shop patisserie-valerie. Ash brought it to home from there. Friends gifted me suit cum blazer. Jenny gave me Sony Digital Photo frame with amazing photos loaded into it. Ash/Bhuvana/Priya gave me amazon voucher which I used to buy my most desired XBOX. What a day night it was!! 
Still I remember that prison break episode I was watching. And I would remember it for a life time .. because of that episode I got 'surprise' on my birthday. Because of that episode I didn't realize when all friends came into our house (108). 
Exact one year passed to this, still I feel as if it happened few days back .. 
Thanks to Jenny for arranging such a wonderful cake and wonderful gift, thanks Ash to collect it on time .. (this is a long story) .. Thanks all rommies to take time to go to Oxford street and go to H&M to buy blazer (you people didn't know I was following you :P)  Thanks for all friends who came on time and making a wonderful birthday.. 

This time as well I cut the cake .. again thanks to Jenny  for arranging such a wonderful chocolate delight cake..

I came back to 2012 as soon as my phone vibrated. Another call to wish me! 
Really so many people around you .. and it feels so nice to see how wishing to a person matters to them .. 
And believe me to remember a date and arrange things is most difficult task. It's not just about wishing or celebrating any special day but it's about a feeling to do it on time. 

So on this special day I have decided to note down, set reminder of birthdays/anniversaries  so I won't forget it and I would request people reading this to do the same. One call .. one wish can make a day special .. this is what happened to me .. 

Thanks again for all wishes .. it made my day !!


  1. Glad you felt so special on this day! and you are so right, one call, one wish makes one hell of a difference. Happy birthday to you again. And that tweet was amazing :-)

  2. Thanks İzdihër to stop by and read my post. Thanks for your wish :)


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