Monday, 11 June 2012

Pollu-tics !!

Yesterday, I got chance to see a movie-'Shanghai ..'. 
Fortunately I didn't know anything about the movie before I entered the movie hall as it helped to get surprise of the movie's screenplay, I wouldn't have got otherwise. As soon as I came out of the hall, I started thinking about the politics shown in the movie. Not because I have extreme interest in politics but I started seeing real life examples how the things happen in India. Especially with politics .. 
Anybody against the system/government/ruling party is either wrong or bad. This is a thumb rule now.  I remember, Manish Tiwari's allegations that Anna Hazare was corrupt from "head to toe". Sharad Pawar's (NCP's) statement that Anna Hazare is like 'Nathuram Godase'. Income tax department slapping fine on Arvind Kejriwal to pay 9 lakh rupees. News started flowing out how Kiran Bedi is fraud And now service tax department has slapped notice of 4.94 crore rupees on Baba Ramdv's trust. 
Every time I see/read such news I get the feeling which I got while seeing movie on the screen. Every person who raised his voice to shout against the ruling party gets killed!! 
In real life it's the same .. isn't it? 

Anna Hazare and his team started anti corruption movement. They are holding huge support from public for this movement. Right or wrong I don't know .. but what I know is as soon as they started getting support, these people (Team Anna) got notices from various departments of Government of India. These departments are usually managed by all brilliant people who manage to score good marks in extremely difficult UPSC and similar state exams. All these people are highly skilled, brilliant. But the problem is they are usually mentored/dictated by the corrupt politicians. (Benefit of which is taken at the end of this movie).
Arvind Kejriwal resigned from his post in Feb-2006, and to get his no-dues certificate he needed to pay 9.26 laks rupees for study leave taken in year 2000. And coincidentally I-T department remembered this in 2011 only when he joined with Anna Hazare for Anti-corruption movement. Same is the case with Kiran Bedi and Baba Ramdev, all these news/penalties are just to trouble them to not to say a single word against government!!
Shame on this pollution in politics ..
There are many things I can relate with the Movie. And it's but obvious as movies are inspired from real life happenings. Coming back to movie .. it's awesome. Amazing direction!! Great play by all actors, but I got connected more to movie due to it's direction.

 And I just hope somebody like 'Krishnan' of real life would come forward to show real place of these politicians ...
P.S.: All the news and information mentioned above are taken from below news articles.


  1. wow!! Hardhitting one! Couldn't agree more ck. Such is the state of affairs in our country. Applauds to krishnan in the movie, who take the cake before the cat eats it!!

  2. I do not support Anna Hazzare and openly so. As far as ruling party is concerned, read The Caravan article on Narendra Modi :) Interesting stuff.

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  4. @Chintan: Though I am supporter of Anna Hazare and Narendra Modi, I must say that 'The Caravan' article focuses on all aspects of Narendra Modi.
    And I would like if you read how Narendra Modi has handled things in Gujarat and how they are not by central government. People hackle Modi for riots, it's a different topic altogether. But how Narendra Modi is performing is more important now to understand. (Sorry for diverting topic but wanted to show you good side as well).


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