Monday, 1 August 2016

What to do and talk when meeting to a girl or boy for arrange marriage!!

Taking sip of hot steamy coffee in Cafe Coffee Day or Starbucks is my favourite pass time. It gives me some leisure time to have romantic, heated discussion with my dear wife. Yesterday was one of days I was enjoying discussion with my wife. I was telling her my experiences of girls I met in CCD for my arrange marriage, and I had the best discussion of my life with girl who became my wife.

One guy with neat attire was alone seating on table just behind us. He was bit nervous and was playing with his smart phone. It's rare to see somebody alone in CCD unless have laptop opened in front. My doubt from mind, he being alone there vanished when girl who was dressed in 'function' type attire appeared there to accompany him. Their body language suggested my dear wife, they are meeting for the 'Arrange Marriage' discussion. I got excited to see them and being well experienced in it, wanted to pass on comments though it's not very ethical.

Meantime our order of hot sizzling brownie and Late was yet to be prepared due to laziness of CCD boy and I got chance to get up from my chair to check status of my order so I could come back to sit on chair to have picture of Girl & Boy meeting first time. I am too smart and I have all this kind of tactics in my pocket.

I saw them and finally could pass on few comments on their behaviour. They were stiffing each other when they were finishing with their conversation. They were trying to see each other while talking, and once their eyes met they were seeing to glass in front of them. In short, it was a difficult situation for them and they were not comfortable at all with each other while knowing each other.

"I have never met a boy alone, I always had my parents with me.", Girl gave a good reason for she being so uncomfortable. Guy never mentioned how many girls he has seen alone.

"My family wants son of law to have ___________ qualities" Girl was explaining expectations to him.

I was trying to listen all the conversation and we finished of with our brownie and coffee. My wife reminded me time to go home, and while going out my wife wanted to tell them to relax and give best luck. So I had to take her out forcefully so she wouldn't try anything like that.
And this made me re-start blogging to give my valuable experience for all girls/boys who would meet for first time for arrange marriage.

  • You should be in a comfortable attire otherwise it may make you over conscious.
  • It's a good practice to wait outside of meeting place for a girl, though not necessary.
  • Follow gentleman practices like opening & door for girl, pulling out chair for her. This is not to impress her and believe me, she won't be expecting this to happen everyday if you get married. This helps to break ice as "Thanks" can start your conversation on a good note. And so for girls, they should say "Thanks" if he is doing anything like above mentioned.
  • If in hotel/cafe, give your all order initially before starting discussion, this will keep all types of disturbances away once you start your discussion.
  • Please discuss what all you want, try to understand each other. Understanding family members/ family values is not necessary at first meeting.
  • Habits/hobbies are good things to understand nature and this helps to discuss on various things.
  • You don't have to be too precise on point wise discussion as this is not official meeting. And so really not necessary to be too formal. Just be how you are with your friends.
  • Usually Guys should pay and never mind if girl give 50-50%. But don't allow her to give 100%.

There are too many to do's and not to do's but honestly it varies person to person.
So just mentioned few things which may help to avoid stupid mistakes if you are meeting to a girl or boy for arrange marriage. :) 

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