Thursday, 19 July 2012

Senses ..

We have learned in 5th grade about 5 senses. With all these sense there is one more which is never taught in school, that is common sense. And this is the one which is required to taught in the school. At least I have started thinking like that!
Coming to the point directly, now a days I have seen people losing their senses. Sense to see what is happening. Sense to listen whatever is coming to them. Sense to feel (the touch). This is not up to any specific case. You are standing in a queue, people would do anything to jump the queue, probably they are losing their sense of vision to see there are other people standing. If you try to shout for this then they will ignore you as you are alien, probably they are losing their sense to listen. And at last they would never feel that they are pushing you aside, probably they have lost their sense to touch.
This is just a generalized example. If we look around us we see people throwing rubbish on the road especially from their kitchen window. We see people rushing ruthlessly while driving and ignoring old aged pedestrians crossing the road. We see people talking as loud as possible to disturb other people as far as possible. We see people standing near accident spot discussing how it happened instead of helping injured person.
And so on ... this list would never end neither such thoughts of general awareness!!

Selfishness is  everywhere in this world and an another example of 'abating senses', but there must be a line drawn to decide to what extent one should think of selfishness. There are few norms if we follow our life would be a lot better than what is now. If we keep our senses live, we could think of for people, our society, our nation.

I always thought Indian culture is very good compared to other culture we call as 'western'. Yes, it is good in one aspect but there are few good things we should take from so called 'western' culture. I was impressed by the way people behave in public places. The first thing which we observe when we go to other counties is discipline. I never saw a person jumping the queue. I always saw people observing traffic rules. I saw people waiting to enter lift/train till other person comes out. I learned the rule of 'ladies first' there as I never seen a man entering or coming out of the lift if any lady is waiting to go in or come out.
Today I saw a picture of traffic jam in London with a news "American and Australian Olympic team stuck in traffic due to Olympic lane". I didn't find any car in that Olympic lane in that picture as this lane is reserved to Olympic Vehicles only. This is the way people follow rules there. And everyday I wish I will find vehicles following the lane discipline in India (at least in Pune).

Vehicles stranded due to Olympic Lane:

Definitely  I am one of these people not following rules and I think I should change first, but I have seen the affects of following the rules on road :). Don't know how it this could be followed, but I know one thing that everybody should follow the discipline and life would be much easier.


  1. wow!! What an hardhitting but a concise post. And how well you have compared it to what we had learnt in class 5. Your best till date!


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