Wednesday, 25 July 2012


 I am very much fond of Indian Culture. There are many things which I think are exceptional in our Indian Culture, especially we have a distinct nature to preserve 'Family Value', to conserve 'Respect' and 'Conservativeness'. I mentioned these natures as we can find people in India having parental feeling in a divergent way. There is a huge difference in the way of upbringing the child in India. And so we respect our parents, elders and because of which usually 'smoking, drinking' is kept veiled from parents. This nature is to that extent that I have seen or experienced any talks about these so called 'Sensitive' topics are usually avoided. 'Sex' is another topic which can't be discussed openly. It's always kept hidden and I have started observing detriments of this nature.

Today I read news in TOI (link). This is second case of molestation in this month. I know this could be a normal/regular thing but now a days it's getting more media attention. And this news triggered thoughts in my mind. Why still girls are not safe out on the roads? 

There are many reasons like lack of safety measures, poor laws to punish molesters, ineffective police control and to a major extent "In-sensitiveness of people present at the scene". But making sure these things should be these is 'a treatment of disease'.  Cause of disease lies in one 'nature' I mentioned above. Hiding the things makes things inexplicable. And especially with topic like 'Sex' piques someone's curiosity easily. It's pretty unfortunate that every city has 'Red Light Area' but we say it's unethical to have it like it's there in cities like Amsterdam. So in short, hiding things aggrandize or comes out in a wrong way. This is definitely not to support molestation but to enlighten problems of proclaimed culture where we need 'Ladies Compartment' in local trains, where girls can not go out alone at night, where wearing western cloths is a sin for girls. 

We should learn to respect other person irrespective of gender. Sensitiveness is a nature of human being. I heard few people saying after Guwahati Molestation (link) "That girl was wearing revealing cloths, and so this is girl's mistake as well". So what? It was her choice to wear cloths she wants. Her skirt and T-shirt doesn't give you right to molest her!! Even a prostitute has a right to roam around  and you can't molest her because she is already a prostitute. We definitely need to change the thinking, behavior and nature. We should respect other person. And it's a time to when this should be inculcated. This should be discussed at home, with parents, with elders. And parents should remember 'the apple doesn't fall far from the tree', so it's their responsibility to discuss about untapped topics. 
There will be freedom of discussing topics like 'sex'. Though this is not a only reason for such molestation cases but it would take the topic of 'sex' out of the curtains and we would not think 'girl' as an object of amusement. We would respect 'girl' as another human being with similar feelings about this subject. We would be able to control urge/feeling otherwise can't imagine how the world would be.  

I respect Indian culture but these are few flaws in it. It should be changed. We will not find molesters on the road. And I wish there should be such a punishment for molestation that no other person should dare to do it again. I hope all molesters would be prosecuted so these molestation cases would not happen again.


  1. CK, every culture has some flaws. But it is upto us, human beings to derive the best and keep the flaws at bay. After all we do have the option dont we?

    Nicely written!

  2. Thanks Jenny! and yes we have options and we need to change it for good ..

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    1. Thanks Rahul sir for your comments..

  4. and i do with my nepali culture
    i reckon we everyone should be of where our roots are :)
    though there will always be things to mend , to straighten

    1. I second to that Goku. Thanks for stopping by and commenting here.

  5. This is the problem of south Asian culture.Just proud of family, and all that jazz. And because of this mindset, we have become hypocrites. Child molester, rape and these things happens everywhere but the way we handle these stuff is way strange. Always, always blame is on women. Rape victims never show up.

  6. @♥●• İzdihër •●♥ -- Very true .. these kind of things happen everywhere but politics and laws are blatant stains that offenders always escape by using these things as a tool..


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